Institutions and Enterprises recruit better using AI

One API, multiple uses. iSchool's AI enhances recruitment processes as it automates document processing, filtering, identifying candidates and nudging them through the process. Our technology has made it possible to eliminate biases, save admissions teams' a lot of time, and make informed enrollment decisions.

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Our Proud Customers Using iSchool AI

AI In Enrollment

Automated Enrollment Journeys

Deploy our end-to-end enrollment toolkit and watch the higher engagement rates with your prospective students convert into meaningful enrollments by the end of the day

AI In Enrollment

Automatic Credit Mapping & Transfer

We have analyzed over 20 Million student transcript records and have built the most robust tool to calculate trasfer credits and eligibility within seconds.

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AI In Enrollment

Essay & SOP Analyzers

Our use of natural language uderstanding models helps us decipher hidden insights within student documents - their motivations and desires to study at a particular school or in a particular country

AI In Enrollment

Intelligent Enrollment Potential Tracker​

Always wondered why applicants don't end up enrolling? With our Enrollment Potential Tracker you can now use machine learning to analyze what stops them from joining your program, and even successfully completing the program.

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Work With Us To Build Your Custom AI Solution

All our offerings consist of our in-house purpose-built AI tolkits and are customized for your institution or enterprise. We offer IT services as part of our package.


Basic Tools & Packages

$40,000Per Year

$3,500Per Month

  • Chat-GPT Based Chatbot
  • Document Grading Tools
  • Transcript Evaluation
  • Limited to 2,000 apps
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Our Best Performing Plan

$90,000Per Year

$8,000Per Month

  • All Base Offerings
  • API Integration to your CRM
  • iSchool Enrollment Toolkit
  • 300 hours of custom development
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End-to-End Enrollment

CustomPer Year

CustomPer Month

  • All Base & Essential Offerings
  • Custom API Work
  • Custom AI Model Creation
  • Cloud Migration
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iSchool360 is an online admissions platform designed to support your institution through every step of the way and enable you to make better admissions and engagement decisions while helping you save time and money


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