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Give your students the power of the most advanced college planning tool​

iSchool gives access to over 350,000 programs worldwide. Students can use the power of auto recommendations and full all-in-one career guidance.​

A Unique AI Driven Experience

Student and Counselor Dashboards

iSchool360 helps school counsellors & teachers to manage their university and careers guidance program and simplify the global university application process.

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200+ K-12 Schools, Higher-Ed Institutions and Enterprises trust iSchool for their student's college planning needs

How It Works?

Step 1

Main Dashboard

The main dashboard helps students and Counselors track their progress and take the most appropriate next step in their journey.

iSchool keeps track of every institutions deadlines and understands the urgency when it comes to college planning at the level of each and every student at your school.

Step 2


Have your students go through a range to assessments that are purpose built to help them and their elders understand the right course of action for their future.

Empower students to take control of their own guidance journey with personalized content. Students can explore resources, videos and events based on their school year, as well as their subject, career and university preferences.

Step 3


iSchool's Program Fit Ai has been perfected with years ofdata. The tool takes into consideration a students needs, their previous scores, accomplishments and automatically suggests an initial set of school choices, within minutes.

Recommendations are categorized as Dream, Reach & Safe and typically have a total of 9 programs. These initial choices get fine-tuned through our Counselors and any information received throughout the planning process.

Step 4

Unified Document Upload

iSchool students only need to upload a document once to the system. The unified application platform pulls the document required by each school and adds it automatically tot the application package.

Students and parents can access the documents through our secure encrypted security protocols from anywhere in the world. This provides the added flexibility and reduces any interupptions caused by travels or holidays at the school.

Step 5

Unified Application

Submit and track transcripts, reference letters, and other application documents directly from iSchool. Remove administrative burdens by using our Common App and Parchment integrations.

View all your apps in one place and track them as you go.

Step 6

AI Application Evaluation

Our proprietary AI tools help evaluate a students essays, resume, and overall applciation and determine whats missing in their application. A strong application is key to a successful admit.

Our Ai can look for subjective details that are missing in a students applciation and suggest the right action. Every school looks for something different and we take care of that through automation.

Step 7

Tracking & Analytics

Thats it. There's your Admit. iSchool manages every step of the planning and application process and provides updates within the dashboard itself.

Now its time for pre-departure preparations.

Step 8

Visa & Finances

Getting an Admit is only the first step towards your international admission journey. iSchool helps with Visa Interview Training, student loans, Accommodation and a host of other important things

Leave the trouble to our teams and focus on packing for a new chapter of your life.

Step 9

Earn Points

iSchool's platform provides a gamified experience to the students. The planning process can sometimes be time consuming and strenous. In order to keep students interested, the platform offers a points system, where student score points for each task completed.

Points can be redeemed at the end of the planning process. There are different rewards that can be offered through the iSchool platform.

Step X

Counselor Dashboard

Counselors at your school will be able to track every students progress over the course of their planning. The dashboard is simplified for the Counselor to take action and communicate with the student through email, text and chat.

Manage Counseling sessions and events through your dashboard directly.

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  • Full Access to AI Platform
  • 1 Counselor Dedicated
  • 0 University Interactions
  • Online Events Only
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Our Best Starter Plan

$105,000Per Year

$9,500Per Month

  • 250 student accounts
  • 5 Advisor Accounts
  • 2 Management Dashboard
  • Full Access to AI Platform
  • 3 Counselors Dedicated
  • University Interactions
  • Online & offline Events
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End-to-End Enrollment

$185,000Per Year

$15,900Per Month

  • 1,000+ student accounts
  • 20 Advisor Accounts
  • 5 Management Dashboard
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  • 8 Counselors Dedicated
  • Chat GPT Chatbot
  • Exclusive Events
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iSchool360 is an online admissions platform designed to support your institution through every step of the way and enable you to make better admissions and engagement decisions while helping you save time and money


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