iSchoolConnect partners with Google Cloud to drive next-generation AI-powered tools in higher education

iSchoolConnect, an AI-driven educational technology company, recently announced a technology partnership with Google Cloud. This collaboration will further explore implementations of Artificial intelligence (AI) in the higher education sector.

In light of the global COVID-19 pandemic, institutions and organizations worldwide struggled going digital. Universities had to offer the best possible virtual education experience to help students continue learning.

iSchoolConnect’s AI-powered tools help institutions digitally transform so they can better attract, engage, and retain students.

Ashish Fernando, the CEO of iSchoolConnect talks more about the nature of this partnership with Google Cloud. He says, “Google Cloud has always been committed to furthering the impact of technology in higher education. Our interaction with Google Cloud began in 2018 when they assisted iSchoolConnect with technology. Today, with their platform capabilities such as Compute Engine, Dialogflow, Speech API at our disposal, iSchoolConnect’s AI tech will be able to magnify its reach to a larger set of institutions and provide a data-driven approach towards student success.”

As stated by Fernando, data-driven results obtained with the implementation of smart AI-tech, do seem to be the logical solution for institutions that want to ensure student success. iSchoolConnect has created several solutions to help schools with common needs like student engagement.

Some of these tools include AI-based proctoring that provides detailed analysis and assessments, virtual assistants that engage students 24/7, document analyzers, and more. Not only will these technologies assist universities in streamlining their end-to-end admissions processes but, they will also give students a chance to receive education in safer environments, given the latest global crises.

Google Cloud provided iSchoolConnect with more value and research opportunities to help scale their offerings to more schools.

With the resources and technology set forth by Google Cloud, iSchoolConnect is all set to become a leader in AI/ML in Education.

Learn more about the iSchoolConnect-Google partnership and the services they offer to help institutions revamp their end-to-end processes.

About iSchoolConnect Inc.: iSchoolConnect is an AI-product company that assists educational institutions and enterprises scale their domestic and international processes as well as recruitment/sales through the smart use of cutting-edge technology, and in-country expertise.

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