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iSchoolConnect and One Education join forces to help Southeast Asian study abroad aspirants

Collaboration to provide iSC’s Platform to One Education for its study abroad aspirants.

Jan. 25, 2022

Mumbai, India, January 25, 2022- In a bid to enhance its customer experience, One Education, Thailand, recently inked a partnership with iSchoolConnect Inc., an AI-based Edtech company that provides assistance to study abroad aspirants.

One Education has been a pioneer in the study-abroad landscape for 30 years, assisting international education aspirants in Southeast Asia. The organization is the officially appointed Thai representative for universities in the United Kingdom and Australia.

“We at One Education are thrilled to partner together with iSchoolConnect. The partnership aims to enhance the customer engagement experience that culminates into successful enrollments. We sincerely believe that iSchoolConnect’s unique AI-based tools will up the game for our students in Southeast Asia,” says Ben Charlton, Head of Operations, One Education.

COVID-19 has accelerated the pace of technological transformation, and no sector remains untouched. Fence-sitting brands are now ready to jump the digital bandwagon to provide value-based services to their clients. The global education technology market is to witness a compound annual growth rate in the current decade. Projections fill-up the doubt space with assertive statistics overarching the need to transcend the technology barrier for all operating in the education sector.

“iSchoolConnect is a one-stop-shop for all study abroad aspirants, helping them to apply to colleges and universities globally. Our AI-powered tools assist students at every stage of the study abroad application process, allowing them to make better decisions while saving time and money. The role of edtech firms operating in the study abroad landscape has scaled up due to the ongoing pandemic. The challenges of these unprecedented times can be deftly managed with technology that eliminates the need for physical interaction,” says Ashish Fernando, Founder and CEO at iSchoolConnect.

"Through this partnership, study abroad aspirants in Southeast Asia will have access to cutting-edge technologies to assist them in navigating the study abroad application and admissions process. We are confident that the combination of One Education's expertise in catering to the needs of students in the region, built over 30 years, and our AI-based solutions will help study abroad aspirants to vault ahead of competition," he added.

iSchoolConnect is a Google Cloud-Based AI-product company that uses collaborative intelligence to give end-to-end solutions to students interested in studying abroad. The platform employs Artificial Intelligence to answer all study abroad-related questions, recommend universities, assist with essay writing, and prepare for university and visa interviews.

iSchoolConnect has branched further to strengthen the higher education abroad ecosystem by offering its services to institutions and companies operating in the domain. “We partner with institutions and companies to enhance their visibility and services. The fundamental purpose is to enable every facet of the higher education system to help students realize their dream of studying in top global institutions," says Vaibhav Gupta, the Alliances and Marketing Head at iSchoolConnect.

One Education will be able to provide its customers access to iSC's AI products, including the Recommendation Engine, AI Writing Mentor for essays and SOPs, and the AI Video Interview tool, among other things, as a result of this collaboration. This will provide students with expertise and ensure their application rises above the competition to reach their targeted foreign institution.

About iSchoolConnect Inc.: iSchoolConnect is an AI-based platform transforming the process of higher education abroad by assisting students every step of the way and enabling them to make better decisions while saving time and money. We also collaborate with institutions and organizations operating globally in the higher education space to enhance their services.

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