Intead partners with iSchoolConnect to provide end-to-end student enrollment services to academic institutions

Furthering its reach in the education technology sector, Intead, a global academic marketing company has partnered with iSchoolConnect Inc., an AI-based EdTech company.

This new global partnership brings an advanced, flexible, and highly reliable set of digital marketing, enrolment, and recruitment opportunities to educational institutions worldwide. The partnership is a mutually beneficial venture that will leverage iSchoolConnect’s advanced AI technology and Intead’s global marketing prowess.

Academic institutions hire Intead to develop and execute marketing strategies that effectively engage hard-to-reach student segments. The agency offers a holistic blend of on-the-ground recruiting efforts and digital marketing. Intead supports institutions with sophisticated market research, content development, design, and analytics services, which ultimately improve enrollment results, diversifies student cohorts, and decreases costs over time.

iSchoolConnect, Inc., offers an online platform that leverages AI technology to help institutions with end-to-end student enrolment. The firm has developed several technological use cases that help universities boost student admissions as well as engagement. iSchoolConnect offers these services in a 3-point enrollment management system that delivers highly flexible recruitment, assessment, and engagement modules.

Together, Intead and iSchoolConnect provide end-to-end student enrollment and retention services to:

  • Scale application pools by generating and nurturing leads
  • Efficiently manage enrollment across multiple campuses, agents, counselors, inquiries, and applications with a single dashboard
  • Foster student success via online job readiness and interview training using AI tools and human support, all through virtual connections

“This collaborative venture between iSchoolConnect and Intead will modernize student enrollment. Without forgoing the traditional enrollment methods, iSchoolConnect will offer a unique set of solutions to institutions that will help them grow their student enrollment and improve revenue generation,” states Ashish Fernando, the CEO of iSchoolConnect Inc.

On its end, iSchoolConnect provides an end-to-end management system addressing an institution’s student enrollment processes on multiple fronts:

It’s imperative to highlight that, along with saving time, these chatbots collected pools of data about what students were most interested in finding out. This not only helped in improving students’ experiences but also in offering new programs and planning the upcoming curriculum.

  • Student Engagement
  • Student Success
  • Admissions Systems
  • Admissions Structure

Ben Waxman, the CEO of Intead, elaborates further on this collaboration. “Institutions struggle to identify the technology investments that can truly transform their ability to enroll and serve students. With the right partner and the sophistication of AI, we see institutions making incremental investments that produce quick wins. Those wins build campus-wide buy-in and develop a culture of innovation. Our partnership with iSchoolConnect, a Google Cloud Partner, brings best of breed solutions to our clients.”

Services provided by the iSC-Intead partnership will help institutions:

Generate campus diversity.: Gaining successful student cohorts with varying international and domestic perspectives.

Increase efficiency.: Provide modern, trackable enrollment systems that produce tangible ROI results. The data gathered contributes to an institution’s continuous improvement practices for enrollment management and student success.

Promote stability.: Help generate predictable revenue streams and stable student enrollment growth for the long term.

If you are a part of an institution that’s interested in making smart investments in technology to boost student recruitment, engagement, and retention, contact the iSC-Intead team here.

About Intead.: Intead is a global academic marketing agency based in Boston offering strategic recruitment marketing, deep market research, and campaign execution focused on helping academic institutions attract, recruit, orient, and retain domestic and international students.

About iSchoolConnect Inc.: iSchoolConnect is an AI-product company that helps educational institutions and enterprises scale their domestic and international processes as well as recruitment/sales through the smart use of cutting-edge technology, and in-country expertise.

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