Mozaik Play and iSchoolConnect announce a partnership to redefine enrolment in the creative industries using AI

A collaboration to empower people to pursue a career in creative industries

Press Release Nov 09 , 2022

Boston, USA, November 09, 2022- iSchoolConnect, an AI-enabled platform that helps enterprises and academic institutions optimize their marketing, sales, and admissions, has announced a strategic partnership with Mozaik Play, a tech-enabled education marketplace empowering students to pursue a career in creative industries.

The collaboration will enable Mozaik Play to leverage iSchoolConnect's Google Cloud-powered platform, iSchool360, which employs state-of-the-art technology to increase enrollment for academic institutions and enterprises.

iSchoolConnect creates internet-based tools and software products, and services with a focus on a technological platform that links enterprises and academic institutions with potential students. Its B2B product suite — iSchool360, employs powerful, affordable, and easy-to-implement solutions to help educational institutions and enterprises manage the entire student life cycle.

"We are very excited to have joined hands with Mozaik Play, a platform igniting the creative dreams of students across nations. With individuals pursuing their creative passions as careers, the world is fast leaping towards an orange future. We are thrilled to be a part of this change, for at iSchoolConnect, “students' choices are important to us." We operate with a mission to democratize higher education and help students freely chase their dreams," says Ashish Fernando, Founder and CEO iSchoolConnect.

Mozaik Play is a global end-to-end platform from enquiry to application through a single interface. Students can schedule one-on-one sessions with expert student advisors. These advisors are well trained across the entry requirements of these specialized courses, with over 10 years of experience each in placing students abroad. They provide guidance to students, such as course and destination options, scholarships, portfolio preparation, English language support, letters of recommendation, and visas.

Commenting on the partnership, Gabriel Providel, CEO and Founder of Mozaik Play, says, "We are thrilled about this new partnership and the synergies between iSchoolConnect and Mozaik Play. Using iSchoolConnect's AI-powered technology in combination with our education marketplace platform ensures we can further personalize and both efficiently and flexibly support our students throughout their admission process, making it even easier to find the right course and college."

Creative sectors are an essential source of employment and income. Besides that, they have significant spillover effects on the overall economy. According to the most cited estimates, the cultural and creative industries worldwide account for 29.5 million jobs and create annual revenues of USD 2.25 trillion, which is higher than the telecom or automotive industries in many economies.

"The influence on the economy is one facet of the creative industries. It has significant societal impacts, from fostering social inclusion and local social capital to advancing health and well-being. We are optimistic that this strategic partnership will provide positive results and significantly advance enrollment techniques and procedures for creative fields," Providel adds.

About iSchoolConnect: iSchoolConnect is an AI-based platform transforming the process of higher education abroad by assisting students at every step of the way and enabling them to make better decisions while saving time and money. If you are an Asian university interested in leading your students toward global education, you can reach out to us at

About Mozaik Play: Mozaik Play is the education marketplace for the creative industries. We partner with inspiring and reputable creative colleges around the world. Through our intuitive platform students can discover and apply for the best creative courses, empowering them to pursue a career in the creative industries. Our in-house team of creative experts is available to help with any questions or support needs that students may have.

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