Alliance to empower Clarkson University to make better engagement and admissions decisions with the help of iSchool360 platform

Press Release: November 16, 2022

Boston, USA, November 16, 2022 - Clarkson University has forged a partnership with iSchool360, an AI-enabled EdTech platform, to up its student engagement and admission game.

Through this partnership, Clarkson University will have access to iSchool360's Marketing Enabled Module, Admission Enabled Module and Student Success Platform, which will help increase the university's brand equity and serve as a conduit between the university and the Indian audience.

iSchool360 will perform content, social media, and marketing campaigns for Clarkson University and conduct exclusive virtual workshops for its student audience. iSchool360 is committed to boosting lead generation and student engagement for Clarkson University.

"Clarkson is always looking for ways to improve the application and admission experience for our students in countries like India. Part of this is strengthening engagement rates among students with meaningful information and communication," says Colleen Thapalia (Senior Director, Graduate Recruitment & Enrollment Marketing, Clarkson University)

"The iSchool 360 suite offers functionality to strengthen these initiatives and provide better services. The comprehensive product lineup will help achieve all of those objectives," Colleen adds further.

Speaking more extensively about this collaboration and the iSchool360 product line, Vaibhav Gupta, Alliances & Marketing Head, said, "Institutions are the backbone of student success. We offer a range of tools to help them meet those goals by providing enrollment and student success tools, all with an approach that caters exclusively to each institution's needs - ultimately ensuring their diverse communities get served!" Vaibhav continues.

About iSchool360 Inc.: iSchool360 is an AI-based platform transforming the process of higher education abroad by assisting students and enabling them to make better decisions while saving time and money. We also collaborate with institutions and organizations operating globally in the higher education space to enhance their student engagement, enrollment, and success.

About Clarkson University: As a private, national research university, Clarkson is a leader in technological education and sustainable economic development through teaching, scholarship, research, and innovation. We ignite personal connections across academic fields and industries to create the entrepreneurial mindset, knowledge, and intellectual curiosity needed to innovate world-relevant solutions and cultivate the leaders of tomorrow. With its main campus located in Potsdam, N.Y., and additional graduate program and research facilities in the New York Capital Region, Beacon, N.Y., and New York City, Clarkson educates 4,600+ students across 95 rigorous programs of study in engineering, business, the arts, education, sciences, and health professions. Our alumni earn salaries that are among the top 2.5% in the nation and realize accelerated career growth. One in five already leads as a CEO, senior executive, or company owner.

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