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Case Study

iSchool360 Case Study


An enormous public institution based in California, The Client offers 80+ undergraduate and postgraduate courses to a diverse number of national and international students striving to transform lives and build diverse communities. Over 14,000 students enroll with The Client every year in search of research, internship, and full-time opportunities.

A year back, The Client decided to remodel their target marketing strategies and attract a diverse student pool. This is where iSchool360 stepped in. iSchool360 is an all-in-one AI platform built to assist K-12 schools, universities, and education enterprises with student enrollment through simple marketing, sales, and admissions tools, coupled with experienced human support.

Problem Statement

The Client faced three main challenges. The first being the lack of a targeted marketing strategy for attracting a diverse pool of students. This meant amplifying the international marketing audience to Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 cities in South-East Asia.

The second challenge was a need for transparency in the profiles of the leads being generated so The Client could nurture them with a personalized outreach campaign.

the-funnel A single platform with thorough analytics and well-connected Marketing, Sales, and Admissions modules was called for

The third challenge was understanding where the students were dropping off through the funnel and needed more assistance. Solving this issue demanded a consolidated dashboard across departments that would help The Client understand how prospective students were feeling during their enrollment journey and what was needed to nudge them in the right direction.

Business Solution

Keeping in mind the breadth and depth of the issues involved, iSchoolConnect customized its Marketing and Admissions Enablement Modules within the iSchool360 platform so that each function would bring students one step closer to enrolling with The Client.

A dedicated microsite coupled with a conversational AI chatbot deployed on The Client’s website allowed The Client to capture 25% more inquiries and better track prospective students and learn about their needs. These tools also allowed students to learn more about the program of their choice by adding filters, visiting the links shared by the chatbot, and speaking to live agents associated with iSchoolConnect.

ischool360-dashboard The iSchool360 Dashboard

To address the next set of challenges faced by The Client, iSchoolConnect provided access to an all-in-one iSchool360 Dashboard designed to monitor student progress through the entire admissions lifecycle. This provided transparency; The Client could now assess the profiles of all the prospective students and manage their outreach accordingly.

Combined with personalized push and video marketing, and a Lead Funnel Dashboard designed to track student engagement and conversion, these solutions helped The Client boost lead generation in terms of both quantity and quality.

Business Impact

The Marketing, Sales, and Admissions modules within iSchool360 helped The Client target the right students and diversified their reach to many countries.

These AI-backed tools helped The Client achieve an 8% reduction in the Cost of Acquisition per application. Compared to the traditional means of student acquisition, The Client saved 5% of their marketing spend.

In addition, The Client received 152 application submissions through iSchool360 in the fall of 2022 alone. They also witnessed a 7% jump in application completion rate after integrating iSchool360’s AI tools.

The Client continues to associate with iSchoolConnect after a year of phenomenal success.

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